Meisei Electric, founded in 1947, started to handle electric insulators, and has grown to be a total trading company dealing in more various materials not only in electric field but also in house hold equipment. At the same time, Meisei Electric expands precise cutting and precise stamping manufacturing, and globalizes to China, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, over Japan.

Harmonizing this “Trading” and “Manufacturing” on an adept level, Meisei Electric continues accurately tracing more sophisticated and diversified needs of customers, and searching expert technologies and products in each business field. Meisei Electric aims at contribution to society, and development of the Meisei Electric group still more, providing various materials and products at reasonable and affordable prices in its unique manufacturing systems which are optimized to electric facility materials, digital appliance materials, automotive electric materials and so on.

Every company is moving ahead by leaps and bounds to acquire higher business potentiality. Global production network and collaboration with local companies, in particular, have become one of the corporate strategic milestones. Meisei Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd. intends to expand and enhance its core-competence and cutting edge technologies as the best partner to support all customers in Thailand.


Company Name: Meisei Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Foundation: 2012/Aug
Capital: 103,000,000 THB
Headquarters: Meisei Electric Co., Ltd.
Business: Selling Engineering Plastics and Jigs, ITC licensed.
Bank: Bangkok Bank (THB, USD)


2005/Sep Found Meisei Ventura (Thailand) Co., Ltd. at Rojana, Ayyutaya as a factory in Thailand
2012/Aug Chang the company name, and founded Meisei Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd. at The Olympia Thai Tower, Bangkok. aiming at trading.
2013/Jul Increase Capital to 103,000,000THB.
Licensed IPO from BOI.
2013/Dec Handle Paint (Chemical Solution).
2014/Jul Handle Automation Machinery/System.
2015/Nov Handle Nikkokasei (Nikopallet, Besthermo, Rosnaboard).
2016/Apr Handle Shinmeilite (Glass Epoxy, Bakelite Bar/Rod/Pipe).
2016/Oct Change BOI license, IPO to ITC.
2019/May Third‐country trade with German, Philippine customers.
2020/Oct Third‐country trade with Malaysia customers.
2022/Jun Third‐country trade with Vietnam customers.
2023/May Third‐country trade with India customers.